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  1. 6:01 etc.
    They dress up actual human beast beings in all types and forms of garments
    today, even more so than that Elephant portraying a Mammoth in a circus
    that, in order to make a buck like, say, Nicki Minaj for instance, may need
    to act a little outdated.
    p.s. Concerning beasts: The loving of Tigers IS the way.

  2. Out of all people I cant believe that Jeana was ok with going to the
    circus! It is terrible!! I have never nor will I ever go to a circus!!
    Ridiculous. . . . :(

  3. the circus is barbaric, animals shouldn’t be made to do that, especially
    the elephants, they are to smart to be made to do that..regardless how they
    are treated, good or bad, they still shouldn’t be made to do that

  4. I’m really disappointed at the two of you. Those animals are abused and
    forced to live their lives in tiny cages just to please the disgusting
    human race. They spend their whole lives being whipped and kicked and
    screamed at while they should be roaming free in their natural habitat.
    Those animals are so unhealthy and so neglected. Not to mention they live
    in fear; fear of their trainers, fear of those bright lights and screaming
    crowds. Circuses and zoos are disgusting places and I am honestly shocked
    at your ignorance of what goes on behind the scenes.

  5. I saw this show by Cirque Du Soleil in Portland, OR in 2011 and if it’s
    coming to Jersey or Philly, get tickets to see it. It’s called Michael
    Jackson the IMMoRTAL World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil. From the show, I got a
    poster and a program. For Christmas of 2011, I got the deluxe version of
    the CD. The CD is called Michael Jackson IMMoRTAL. 

  6. I strongly disagree with the treatment of circus animals, but i don’t why
    so many of you guys are hating on jesse and jeana. I mean they really
    didn’t do anything bad :/

  7. The circus is cruel how they treat the animals the elephants are the omes
    that get treated badly they get whipped into doing tricks which is just
    cruel and the tigers dont get to see the day light they are always trapped
    in cages and should be out in the wild like all animals should be 

  8. I don’t think circuses aren’t that bad, not all of them treat there animals
    poorly, some treats there animals with lots of respect, but yes there are
    some lowly circuses out there. These 2 have as much right to go to a circus
    as you do to vote, anyways the majority of animals in these shows were born
    in captivity or were injured in the wild. 

  9. Jesse and jeana are such good people and an amazing couple and people who
    are hating are idiots so shut up✊…It’s only because your jealous of them

  10. So many people are hating on the circus thing, and trust me I am all for
    anything that save animals, I even use cruelty free make up and I usually
    only buy products like face wash and stuff from brands that don’t test on
    animals. But no matter what you do, there will be animals performing in
    circus’ all over the world. It’s inevitable, so complaining about it on the
    Internet isn’t going to help the animals. And honestly, the animals could
    easily eat the circus people whenever they wanted, there are rules, and
    regulations, even laws protecting circus animals they aren’t abused the way
    some people think; it’s no different than teaching your dog or cat a trick.
    It’s just a larger scale, I know this will get hate. But complaining to a
    couple on YouTube isn’t going to save any ‘abused’ animals…. so why give
    Jesse and Jenna hate about it? 

  11. Jesse is correct about the big cats. They’re bred especially for
    entertainment purposes only. At first at birth, they’re forced away from
    their mothers and handed around like stuffed animals to take pictures with
    people. Then as they get older, they’re either sold off to the Circus or
    Big Cat owners who can’t fully provide for big cats. I can’t say I’m not
    disappointed in you two because you have no control over the situation with
    the circus. But I’m glad that Jesse took notice in what was really going on
    in the background.

  12. i think it’s okay to have things like ponies in circus’s because their
    usually pets anyway but having tigers lions and elephants is the thing that
    make circus’s awful

  13. Hey JEsse and jeana mentioned the fact that they didn’t particularly like
    the way that the circus animals were treated so at least fucking give them
    props for mentioning that and maybe getting the word out. This was the
    first circus they have ever been to its not like a weekend thing.

    Grow up and fucking realize that you aren’t the prefect little shit either


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