Spongebob Squarepants – Mega Bloks – Blind Bag Surprise Opening! PT1

Spongebob Squarepants – Mega Bloks – Blind Bag Surprise Opening. Thank you for watching! RadioJH Auto! https://www.youtube.com/RadioJHAuto RadioJH Games! https://www.youtube.com/RadioJHGames…

25 thoughts on “Spongebob Squarepants – Mega Bloks – Blind Bag Surprise Opening! PT1”

  1. Those are so awesome!! I love your vids! P.S A while back a made a Tag
    video and I tagged you guys, could you please do the tag :)?

  2. Omg I have that shirt to also if u got my viewer mail plz do a video the
    address should say from Dan and Diane that’s my parents 

  3. I think that mystery figure is robot sponge bob what plankton made to do
    krabby pattyes or something like that !!!!!!!

  4. hahaha!;-D i love that sufer guy i love that he is just hahaha
    and that chocolate guy CHOCLATE! XD

  5. When are u going to do more Moshi Monster Gameplays and Animal Jam too !! U
    haven’t done some in a while 

  6. Hi Audrey,

    We do not mean to advertise, but we just ordered Ever After High Lizzie
    Hearts and would like you to watch our review, as we are going to make it
    in a few weeks. We can not doll hunt because in London we don’t have shops
    like Target and Walmart, and Toys R Us is too far from where we live.

    ~Emanuela and Isabella

    And just to add, your videos and your family are awesome.

  7. These are a must have for me now. I will definitely look for them when I go
    on my hunt Wednesday~! They all look amazing, colors and the details are
    just great! My favorite has to be the nerdy Sponge Bob :D Great blind bag
    opening, Audrey ^____^

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