Gold Digger Surprise Prank!

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25 thoughts on “Gold Digger Surprise Prank!”

  1. Women then want to complain why they get raped all the damn time. I mean,
    didn’t you learn at a young age not to get in a car (even a lambo) with a
    stranger? Lol smh women you are pathetic. 

  2. If I had the money I would recreate this prank and if that happened to me I
    would come up to the prostitute and spit right in her face like she is
    shit. Fucking a bitch like that is the equivalent of releasing your
    valuable semen into a trash bin. Because that is what she is, trash. Bitch
    I know you read these comments every waking hour of your life, you are
    nothing and I would spit in your ugly American face you dirty fucking

  3. Little does she know that Toyota is the one of the best cars out there! Why
    ride in a silly lambo when you can ride in a safe, fuel efficient sedan??? 

  4. All you so-called “men” defending her can go f**k yourselves, because you
    won’t be getting any pussy for defending this cunt. And the women defending
    her are only doing it because she is making your entire gender look bad, so
    you have to find any excuse you can to rationalize what she did, and make
    it look like she rejected him for some other reason. But who are we fooling
    here ladies? You aren’t even fooling yourselves. Instead of defending the
    gold digger, it might just be better to say that not all women are like
    that. You have this irrational need to defend every single woman in the
    world, even the ones who are shallow whores. I don’t defend all the men in
    the world who do stupid shit so stop defending all these women, only defend
    the good ones who deserve to be defended!

  5. I don’t see a problem with women wanting a man with money. It’s only
    natural for them to want the best for their future children. Just saying. 

  6. Shes a gold digger period. He has a car at least. Hes not a bum. Don’t see
    any problem not wanting to get to know him. 

  7. Guys almost all women are gold diggers, that’s the way the world works now
    days, bitches always goes after the men with money and it makes me

  8. You can see that this was prepared. How could the old woman know if he was
    going to take the lamborgini ? He was even walking towards hes car at the
    moment she arrives.

  9. I don’t see what’s so offensive?

    Girls love powerful men. Why do you only prank hot girls? Do you only care
    about her appearance?

    If you like women for their looks, why can’t they like you for your wealth?

    If a pretty girl walked up to you and asked you out, would you say no?

    It’s nature, deal with it.

  10. Bro… no im not even going to call you bro anymore. Sick pathetic basterd,

    I TOTALY hate you, this made my cry, im being honest: this made me FUCKING
    You, are sick, sick in your fucked up mind. Did you enyoy her sceams? DID
    You let me down, fucker

    i hope to never see you again,

    a hateful bye forever, your ex-biggest fan

  11. You’re fucking sick in the head man. Raping a 9 year old girl, fucking sick.
    I hope you have fun in prison you fucking pedophile!
    Also killing a dog man, fucking people like you need to rot in a pit and

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